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Traits Phytophthora (Collar Rot, Crown Rot, Root Rot): Resistant [60% size of standard tree]This rootstock is precocious, fire blight and woolly apple aphid resistant and cold hardy. It is derived from a 1976 cross of Ottawa 3 and Robusta 5. Has been our major rootstock for conservation plantings.NOVOLE An introduction from the Geneva rootstock breeding program, Novole has a non-preference type of resistance to meadow voles and pine voles (orchard mice). But MM.106 is very susceptible to crown rot and almost uniquely sensitive to Tomato Ringspot Virus. Freestanding, but has tendency to lean if not support in early years. Slightly more vigorous than Budagovsky 118, about 95% of standard. Required fields are marked *. Staking and irrigation are recommended. Resistant to crown and root rots. M.26 is very, very susceptible to fire blight, burrknots, woolly apple aphids and crown rot. We are using B118 & EMLA 111 rootstock with P22, M27, P2 and B10, also Mark, 10-12 interstem. Choosing the correct rootstock can be the difference between a tree thriving or dying on your site. Cold hardy and highly resistant to fire blight and crown rot. determines which plants will thrive at a location. It is well anchored and does not require staking. Trees on Geneva 935 begin bearing early but staking is recommended as it is a shallow rooted rootstock. It should have support for certain varieties like Red Delicious, Rome and Fuji. - While some of the rootstock options fall in the semi-dwarf vigor range, tree support is still recommended. $4.49. Influence on Scion Habit. A very popular apple. Burr Knots: N We cannot break bundles, and plants are $2.50 each on orders of less than 100 plants. Varieties are linked(Work in progress) to Pomiferous or Orange Pippin, Column A'(yellow): Refers to estimated collectable scionwood quantity where NA is not available yet. An excellent choice for a free-standing, disease-resistant tree of M.7 size.. Also known as Geneva 969. Our stock is Dormant, oct-March. Resistant to collar rot and apple scab. Geneva 214 has high yield efficient and productive with yields of 100 to 125 percent of M.9 in most U.S. trials. Poland.P2,(25-35%) Podladki 2 is very similar to P22 disease resistance and hardiness. FRUIT TREE SCIONWOOD: is the 1 year old wood stick variety used for grafting. This stock should be considered by those who are growing apples for processing; it makes a free-standing tree between the size of M.26 and M.7, it is very productive, and it has good cold hardiness. NSRTANT. GENEVA APPLE ROOTSTOCKS COMPARISON CHART v.4 . Rootstock are listed in order of vigor (size compared to a standard seedling tree). A standard, disease-resistant rootstock for sweet and tart cherries, A peach rootstock commonly used in California, An M.9 class rootstock that is resistant to replant disease, A dwarfing rootstock that is 35% of standard with multiple disease resistances and winter hardiness, A semidwarf rootstock that is more productive and disease resistant than M.26, A Geneva release in the M.26 class that is resistant to woolly apple aphid, Slightly more vigorous than M.26 with improved anchorage and productivity, and woolly aphid resistan, An MM.106 class rootstock that has multiple resistances and good anchorage. (15 trees) Beautiful red strain of honeycrisp. Email: call/text 206-679-6576.Apple Scionwood: once again Excel file list (Let me know your needs as order goes in early and I dont always handle hundreds unless theres a call for this), P22, 3/16(15-20%) Very small tree, better anchored than M9 and not as brittle. Planting. Zone 4-8. (See individual rootstock descriptions below.) Geneva210 is tolerant to apple replant disease and resistant to fire blight, collar rot and wooly apple aphid. It is similar to EMLA 7, but has better anchorage, higher production and fewer burr knots. 10-19 $3 EA. It is also cold hardy and self-supporting. Geneva 214 is resistant to fire blight (Erwinia amylovora); Woolly Apple Aphids, replant disease, and root rot (Phytophthora). Requires support. ROOTSTOCKS We use a variety of semi-dwarfing and fully dwarfing rootstocks. Go direct to my email ; add $1 per variety >20, 500-999 $1.25 ea. Bud 9/10 is common in high-density plantings, planted 2 to 4 feet apart in the row. Geneva 890 is a newer semi-dwarf rootstock in the EMLA 7 to EMLA 106 size class. Excellent anchorage. well anchored tree about 20 feet tall. They are stronger-rooted than emla27,p22 and p2 and usually free-standing. A widely-planted rootstock in high-density orchards. Extremely winter-hardy, as well as tolerant of wet feet. You can order 1, 2, 50, or thousands of rootstocks. Horticultural Value Geneva 214 has high yield efficient and productive with yields of 100 to 125 percent of M.9 in most U.S. trials. Copyright 2023 TRECO-Oregon Rootstock & Tree Co. Inc. Trees on Geneva 935 begin bearing early but staking is recommended as it is a shallow rooted rootstock. Purchase of rootstock only is not available at this time. Herb Aldwinkle and Jim Cummins of Cornell University. From the Ottawa 3 x Robusta 5 cross, 1976. grafting putty/sealer. Geneva 41 is immune to fire blight, crown rot and wooly apple aphid. Origin Geneva 202 originated from a planned cross in 1975 of 'M.27 x Robusta 5' by Cornell University and Geneva Apple Rootstock Breeding Program. Resistant to fire blight, crown rot and woolly apple aphid. This rootstock requires support. Resistant to collar rot and fire blight. Geneva rootstock descriptions are based on New York growing conditions. Very resistant to fire blight. The following nurseries support purchasing rootstock only: Copenhaven Farms ( Treco, INC ( ; 40 variety max. History>2019>we had increased variety, many Genevas, a few EMLAs and a few Budagovskys and 2 Polish stock-Smallest to largest as percent of standard tree(25 to 40 feet): M27(20%), P2(25%), Bud 10(35%), T337(35%) G11,214(35-40%),G210(40%),G202(45%),G935(50%), Freestanding>Supporter 4(50%), G969(55%), EMLA111 75%, Bud118(80%) and P18(95%); Mark and P2 have performed very well for me with good early vigor and strong rooting, Bench grafted trees are $15 each, these are fresh grafted or budded in prior year. Among the other insights Auvil offered to growers on the tour: We post the rootstock inventory in September. Cameron nursery grades roots into 3 grades and 6 sizes from 1/8" to 7/16". [40-50% size of standard tree] Semi-dwarfing stock similar in size to M.26. Geneva 890 Malling 9 Produces a fully dwarfed tree with good fruit size and color. The cheapy folding scissors work great! For over 80 years TRECO has grown, and developed the finest virus-certified dwarf-ing and semi-dwarfing apple rootstocks for markets worldwide. EMLA 9 is also susceptible to crown gall and fireblight. Any chance for a loquat scion which would bear fruit in the San Francisco Bay Area? 2003. Choose a fruit category to refine your search. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED -. Requires support. Also used as interstem on Bud 118 and EMLA111EMLA 9 T-337(2020) Like Bud 9, EMLA 9 is a full dwarf withg high precocity, heavy soil tolerant, phyththora resistant, wooley apple aphid resistant and to its credit, not quite as brittle as Bud 9. Superior rooting compared to other 9 clones. Susceptible to fire blight and wooly apple aphid. G.890 is tolerant to replant disease, and resistant to fire blight, crown rot, and wooly apple aphid. A low vigor rootstock producing a tree similar to, or slightly smaller than, M9-337 in size. Apple Rootstocks Modern apple production has required much research and development of rootstocks with specific characteristics. On-farm trials of the Cornell-Geneva apple rootstocks in New York. Because fire blight is becoming so critical throughout our area, we are no longer working with M.9. It usually exhibits a, A M9 sub clone from the Netherlands. Exceptional winter hardiness. You can graft and bud this high quality rootstocks with about 1/4 diameter. Highly resistant to fire blight and collar rot, Geneva935 is similar in size and efficiency to RN Nic 29. Well anchored. Resistant to collar rot and adaptable to a wide range of soils, the exception being light, sandy soils, M9-337 induces early cropping with large fruit size. It is also susceptible to fire blight and should not be used in combination with fire blight susceptible varieties. Roseland Red Honeycrisp on B9 dwarf rootstock. . The rock-star, cold-hardy apple from Minnesota. Size is similar to, or slightly smaller than, M26. Has tendency to sucker. ; 20 variety max. We support local food sovereignty- grow your own One Green World! Yes. [40-45% size of standard tree] Good precocity. A replacement for Geneva30 in the M7 size category with a yield efficiency similar to M9. Honeycrisp on Geneva G11 dwarf rootstock. [95% size of standard tree] Extremely winter hardy stock that does not require support. Grafting Care. We grow both clonal and seedling, virus free fruit tree rootstock for apple, cherry, pear, plum, and peach. $5; one size only: $8/2oz. Geneva 210 [60% size of standard tree] This rootstock is precocious, fire blight and woolly apple aphid resistant and cold hardy. Geneva 41 Apple Rootstock Small dwarf rootstock. Geneva 41 is highly resistant to fire blight and Phytophthora with no known tree death from this disease in field trials. You can graft and bud this high quality rootstocks with about 1/4 diameter. Rootstock - Mike and Brian's Nursery A Wholesale Tree Fruit Nursery All rootstock listed is available for tree-growing contracts. High yield efficiency. Tasty this year, good size. Outstanding production. EMLA 9 A virus-free clone of M9, EMLA 9, like other M9 clones, induces early cropping with large fruit size. Geneva 41 shows to be resistant to replant disease and appears to be winter hardy with no damage following the test winter of 1994. [40-50% size of standard tree] Precocious. It also has the reverse ear for splitting cleft graft wood. If traditional rootstock is not available, please consider softwood cuttings. 2023 Cummins Nursery | 1408 Trumansburg Road, Ithaca, NY 14850 | (607) 269-7664 | Terms & Conditions. 1 scion (8.5 typical) should make 3 or 4 2-bud grafts. The rock-star, cold-hardy apple from Minnesota. Snohomish, WA 98290 We try to use rootstocks that have good disease resistance and cold hardiness for northern climates. $5. Be sure to check compatibility of your desired scion with your choice of rootstock. Vigorous and well anchored.BUDAVGOSKY 9 (Red-Leaved Paradise) (Bud.9) Same level of dwarfing as Malling 9, but about 5 degrees more winter hardy. All rootstocks are roughly 1/4" diameter, approximately pencil-size. FISHER SCIENTIFIC CENTRIFUGE MARATHON MICRO A WORKS FINE . Robinson, T.L. Moreover, you can get rootstocks for sale in bundles of 10 which are sold at a 16% discount. orders can begin as early December with requests through email. Staking is recommended along with supplemental irrigation. Its precocity and productivity have shown to be equal to or better than M-9. Rootstocks are roughly 1/4" diameter, approximately pencil-size. Size: 30% 35% of standard. Geneva41 is very cold hardy and precocious. Productive; well-anchored. Bud 9 is more winter hardy and less susceptible to fire blight than M9. Resistant to collar rot and woolly apple aphid. G.969 is resistant to fireblight, collar rot, and woolly apple aphid. Replant Disease: Resistant OHxF 333 Somewhat more dwarfing than OHxF 87, with similar resistances. Very fast method to tie off buds. Geneva 41 rootstock could be a good replacement for M-9 because its fruit production is as good or better and the added protection against fire blight and replant disease. This is the full retail price for orders of 1-24 rootstocks. Click here for additional information on the Geneva series. Geneva 41 produces trees that are similar to the less vigorous M-9 rootstocks with good precocity and fruit size. Tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions, and is a good selection for heavy, poorly-drained soils. Reimers strain of fire blight-tolerant seedlings. P.18 A Malling 4 x Common Antonovka hybrid from the great Polish rootstock breeding program at Skierniewice. $0.50 each additional: 1 year old and last years budded are ALSO $15-unless noted see. Irrigate your ground prior to planting your rootstock. It makes a tree similar in size to EMLA 7. Highly recommended for those diploid varieties where vigour is necessary to bring the apples to a good size.Geneva 11,(35%) 2020. Probably most suitable as patio plants and for the intense backyard hobbyist.GENEVA 935 (G.935) Dwarfing-slightly larger than M.26 ~50% From the Ottawa 3 x Robusta 5 cross. The Geneva 935 is a nursery friendly rootstock. Compact Fruit Tree 37(3): 91-94. Females have a sweet 1-2 inch orange fruit in fall. May be more tolerant to fire blight than M-9. Very precocious producing crops in 2-3 years and good winter hardiness. We offer this because we love that people all over America are trying their hands at grafting, budding, and creative orcharding. $49 for 5 rootstocks with priority mail included for free. This rootstock requires support and supplemental irrigation is recommended. Excellent choice for high density plantings. Shipping rootstock>1to4=$10;5to9=$15;10 to19 =$20; 20 to 39=$24; 40 to 99= $23;>100=$23+$.021 each. More productive than seedling.OHXF 87 Outstanding semi-vigorous clonal stock. Fazio said 220,000 trees have been planted on the rootstock so far. Sensitive to fire blight. ; 20 variety max; add $1 per variety >20, 100-199 $2.00 ea. This stock is free standing, but will require a trellis to support heavy early crops. View full details Original price $4.49 - Original price $4.49 Original price. Irrigation is very helpful. ; Geneva Stock add $0.75 to each stock. ; $14/4oz. EMLA 26 is susceptible to collar rot and should not be planted on wet or infected soils. [30-35% size of standard tree] The standard to which most Malling 9 type rootstocks are compared. Induces early fruiting, often the 2nd year. Mature tree size may differ in other climates and growing conditions. Get first crack at sales, seasonal fruit tree tips, and orchard stories. It is highly yield efficient and productive, with efficiency equal to or greater than M9. Results will include your selected size class and similar sizes. It is moderately resistant to fire blight and woolly apple aphid but not tolerant to replant disease. [30-35% size of standard tree] Precocious. Grafting Kit $12: Includes Rubber ties 5-160mm x6mm, 10-140mm x3.5mm, 3ft. Your email address will not be published. At OGW we offer a diversity of food plants and their companions from around the world. Would like multiple varieties of scions for this spring, looking for specifics in plum category but also need a few types of peach and 3 types of apple! ge oven light cover stuck, day of first fruits 2021, how can a karate chop break a board brainly,

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